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Athens Lodge

Athens, Greece / 2017-18

 Boutique Hotel 

status: Built

size: 1.000 sqm

design team: Maeta Design LLC

collaborator: X Collective

consultant: Oval-Studio

general contractor: AirTec

This 1.000 sqm flagship boutique hotel in Monastiraki was taken from concept design to construction documents to building completion. In this project we were challenged to work directly with our clients in order to create a provocative new aesthetic for this boutique hotel that resulted in a special experience for its owners and guests. All 17 rooms are custom designed with emphasis on unique details and different material combination. The entrance of the hotel with the reception area are separated from the restaurant with a custom wooden feature wall. Wooden panels create a large-scale mural, covering the main wall of the bar-restaurant of the hotel that portrays ancient Greek figures. Two types of marble are synthesized in absolute harmony creating a unified monolithic mass.

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