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Coworking Space

Athens, Greece / 2019


status: Concept

size: 300 sqm

design team: X Collective

The Coworking space is located in the center of Athens near Omonoia square. It is a 300sqm multi-use space that includes private offices, a meeting room (soundproofed area providing top levels of privacy), and an open plan lounge area including open offices, private booths, and dining facilities. The continuity of the space is highlighted by the seamless cement flooring and is enhanced by the arrangement of the private offices in the form of crystal clear glass cubes allowing the natural light and the total interaction of the overall  space  to play a significant role.  The open-plan area is characterized by the impressive “barrisol” lighting ceiling and the custom wooden furniture, which integrates interior plants, working/dining surfaces and lounge corners. The corporate aesthetic is combined with the open-plan arrangement providing a user-friendly cosy space, maintaining its business orientation and practicality.

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