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Corfu, Greece / 2022-25


status: Under Construction

size: 411 sqm

design team: X Collective

civil engineer: Antonios Gavalas

electromechanical engineer: Hydron, NV Construction

landscape architect: Eleni Tsirintani

lighting designer: ASlight

3D visualizations: Batis 3D Studio

construction team: X Collective

development team: X Collective

Lithies by definition, in the local dialect, is the stone structures that are used as retaining walls for the olive groves. They were being handcrafted by the plot owners to create flat areas on the inclined hillsides of Corfu to harvest the crop from the olive trees. Lithies residence was set among this natural canvas trying to disrupt as less as possible what centuries and local intelligence have created. The blend between the steep hill and the residence using the same stone materials and overall approach enables to have a result where modern completes the almost Doric craftmanship that existed. Large openings, dramatic views, playful atmosphere of sunlight and fresh breeze synthesize a unique and serene atmosphere. Multi-level areas in the main structure separated yet linked all together allowing the natural landscape as a connection even for the more distant guest house. 

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