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Evangelical Church

Athens, Greece / 2020


status: Concept

size: 1.800 sqm

design team: X Collective

X Collective submitted a proposal for the interior renovation of the emblematic Evangelical Church in the center of Athens, right under the shade of the Parthenon and the Hill of Acropolis.  The approach was to reform and provide new life in the overall architectural environment. The architectural element of arcs was decided to be used, alluding to the mountains present in the Holy Bible which are referred as meeting sites with the divine. The interior pews were maintained and painted, thus preserving the existing energy and aura of the Church. On the contrary all of the glass surfaces of the façade of the building were remodeled, by using a new geometrical element (glass stick), in order to filter the natural sunlight that enters the main high ceiling space of the church, providing amazing a atmosphere during the span of the day.

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