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Kindergarten /
Elderly Day Care Center

Chania, Greece / 2020

 Architectural Competition 

status: Concept

size: 2.000 sqm

design team: X Collective

Purpose of the competition

A two-phase construction of a building is consisted of two different purpose buildings (Elderly Day Care Center, kindergarten facility), and the creation of a park area accessible and ready to use by the greater community. In addition, an important element of the competition and its needs was the eco-friendly and bioclimatic approach of the overall design.

Design study / strategy / approach

The challenge that we faced was how to respect the autonomous nature of the three function areas and yet still blend them together. This will be approached with; a) the creation of a living organism that has as its main core the created park area, b) the smooth induction of the overall approach/proposal into the already existed urban context, c) the desired bioclimatic essence of the overall structure that attempts to fully cope and coexist with the surrounding park environment.   


Our approach initially evolved from the desire of respecting the existing urban environment and taking into great consideration the overall scale of the neighboring building structures. Placing the park area attached to the existing town limits allowed us to have a main public space that can be thoroughly used by the local community while in parallel becomes the entrance hub for the other two functions (Elderly Day Care Center, Kindergarten). The two new buildings structure are sectioned as the urban context dictates, allowing us to be flexible with the relationship of the program’s operation/function, and the overall orientation. The bioclimatic essence is implemented by green roofs and a thermal insulation shell. In addition, the openings of the buildings were designed according to their daily operations without neglecting the overall orientation. Finally, pivoting the structures according to the design, is a tool of atriums’ creation and open-air spaces that supplement the buildings’ eco-friendly / green footprint.

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