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Kythnos, Greece / 2021


status: Concept

size: 325 sqm

design team: X Collective

civil engineer: Antonios Gavalas

electromechanical engineer: Hydron, NV Construction

development team: X Collective

Embracing the existing cell with a new structure allowing the raw essence of the island and its architecture to remain vivid and dominant. The house overlooks the scenery providing full protection of the wind and the relentless sunlight, while the interior is offering modern pampering without extravaganzas. The chosen materials are in line with the overall environment and the desired outcome of the project wants to portray how life can be playful and be appreciative every day of it. The openings, allowing the sun to enter the house and the privacy that all different areas provide, make this compact yet smart residence full of hidden corners and spaces creating a mosaic of images and feelings depending on the time of the day and the period of the year, reminding how important it is to blend in with the changes of life, enjoying every second of them.

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