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Corfu, Greece / 2021


status: Concept

size: 360 sqm

design team: X Collective

civil engineer: Antonios Gavalas

electromechanical engineer: Hydron, NV Construction

landscape architect: Eleni Tsirintani

construction team: X Collective

development team: X Collective

Nestled into a picturesque hillside overlooking the enchanting Northeastern Bay of Corfu, this striking contemporary home exudes a minimalist design ethos that perfectly complements its stunning natural surroundings.

The dramatic views while having sharp inclinations resulted creating three different volumes yet linked together while the plot’s landscape dictated the residence’s formation to follow it seamlessly. Virtually concealed within its natural surroundings, the property's facade invites an abundance of natural sunlight into the interior while despite the relative compact size the inside – outside flow creates an ample and spacious overall feeling. 

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