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Athens, Greece / 2021-24

 Boutique Hotel 

status: Built

size: 350 sqm

design team: X Collective

civil engineer: Antoniοs Gavalas

mechanical engineer: Hydron

construction team: Hydron

This five-bedroom boutique hotel is located in the center of Athens near Syntagma square. It is a later neoclassical building that was originally a house and is renovated into a small hotel. The façade of the building is preserved and renovated with full respect of the original architecture of the building. The main concept of the renovation is on the one hand to maintain the original atmosphere of Athens during the beginning of the previous century and on the other hand to invent a fresh feeling of our time for all the visitors. Bright colors and natural materials for the interior are selected in order to balance the unique frescos that decorate the walls and ceilings of the first floor. Natural green wall enter sunlight in two of the rooms.

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