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Corfu, Greece / 2021-24


status: Under Construction

size: 140 sqm

design team: X Collective

civil engineer: Antonios Gavalas

electromechanical engineer: Hydron, NV Construction

construction team: X Collective

development team: X Collective

Lanassa’s restoration aims to revive this residence’s magical aura and bring today into its legendary past. The location of this cozy residence leaves not much to explain. The privilege of diving into the fresh crystal-clear waters of Paleokastritsa as a daily ‘first thing in the morning” habit defines that luxury comes into the simple things. The overall approach for this one level residence cannot be different. Well situated inside a natural “hug” with direct access to the seawater and an entirely private sandy beach this is a residence that can be reflected as a soul haven. Everything made inside and outside have respected what the residence dictates, being humble, allowing yourself to get lost in the emerged emotions. Direct seawater views however being at such near proximity allows you to hear the seawater’s sounds, smell and feel its essence. Simplicity and easiness of a residence that allows you to embrace fully, not just the living inside of it, but life in general. 

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