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Corfu, Greece / 2021-24


status: Under Construction

size: 615 sqm

design team: X Collective

civil engineer: Antonios Gavalas

electromechanical engineer: Hydron, NV Construction

landscape architect: Eleni Tsirintani

lighting designer: ASlight

sound consultant: Alpha acoustic, Ihodomi

construction team: X Collective

development team: X Collective

Vantage is perched majestically atop a hill in the enchanting northeast of Corfu. This property is a hidden gem within a hillside olive grove, graced by centuries-old olive trees that take center stage in a meticulously planned landscape. Despite its grand scale and expansive reach across the entire plot, its architecture has been expertly concealed, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings. One large volume as a main house, however entirely masked and hidden leaving exposed only the bedroom sections allowing stunning 360 angle views, and a two-bedroom guest house with an outdoor kitchen area, making it an epitome of seamless combination proving that spacious does not have to also look vast.  

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